What we do

Butley Mills Studios is run by the Clock House Arts Association, a registered charity established to promote, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the visual arts. The artists running the Clock House Arts Centre in Bruisyard set up the charity in 1985, it provided a base for its various activities and events until the base was transferred to Laxfield, and finally to its present location in Butley, Suffolk. The original site for Butley Mills Studios was an old grain store which has been converted into studios for artists to rent, with a working bronze foundry central to its activities and run by the sculptors working in this medium. There is also a stone carver, steel sculptor, painters, printmaker and a carpenter making it a diverse and vibrant centre. Some of the artists also run workshops; an Open Weekend for the public to visit is hugely popular; whilst residencies and work experience for students and newly qualified artists is encouraged.

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Pouring bronze

Bronze casting jobs are welcome at Butley Mills Studios, we have some wonderful and extremely capable people to bring your sculpture to life. Being a true artist’s foundry, we share out the work and use it for mentoring younger artists and keeping amazing artist makers in the studios full time. We specialise in mould making for waxes and bronze casting one-off pieces and small editions using the lost wax and direct burn out methods. We are willing to attempt the most interesting project from experimental up to public sculpture standards. We have Italian ludo and ceramic shell casting technologies with silicon bronze.

For a 14 minute video of bronze pouring, click